About Reporting Cases


The Governance Facility will treat your report confidentially and ensure that it will only be handled by the relevant people in the Governance Facility.

The Process

When we process your information, we may find it necessary to return with more qualifying questions regarding the activities under suspicion in order to substantiate the case. It is therefore essential that you give us an active e-mail address to respond to.

When you file a report you will receive an automatic acknowledgement of receipt from our system

We seek to process your report within two weeks and we will always give you acknowledgement of having processed your report.

You can choose to remain anonymous. That means, however, that in certain situations we cannot proceed with an investigation of the conditions that you have reported as corrupt because we may prioritize your safety. Furthermore, an investigation will always be more difficult to undertake if it is based on an anonymous report.

Once a case has been identified we initiate procedures, in coordination with the relevant partners when possible, to probe further the case, and to halt any further similar misuse. As part of the process Governance Facility will seek to place a responsibility, decide whether to proceed with a local police report and determine the degree of claims for reimbursement of funds. In the end the case may consequently mean a stop to the cooperation with the partner in question.