Supporting Nepal's good governance efforts

An agreement between the Local Development Training Academy (LDTA) and the Governance Facility (GF) was signed on 1 August 2017 to support the LDTA’s planned orientation “Local governance structure, staffing, and service delivery in the new federal structure: for non-gazetted levels 5 and 6 government employees.

The initiative will target 2,132 government employees at the local level to enhance their knowledge and positive attitude in the smooth transition of local level bureaucracy in the federal context. The employees will be selected from the District Coordination Committee, Metropolitan and Sub Metropolitan cities, the rural municipalities and the village councils in 72 groups in all seven provinces.

The LDTA officials said that this initiative will contribute towards Nepal’s efforts in good governance and support local level employees to deliver effective services in the new structure.

“With the financial and technical assistance of the Governance Facility, the LDTA will organize a two-day orientation on the organizational structure at the local level, the creation of positions, the expected adjustment of employees, terms of reference of posts, and delivery of services in the federal set-up to ensure the employees responsible for delivering services do so in a responsive and accountable manner,” said the LDTA’s Executive Director Krishna Chandra Dhakal.

The Project will be implemented in three phases: in the first phase, the curriculum will be developed followed by five pilot test activities. During the second phase, an additional 20 training events followed by learning, reflection, and adjustment will take place. The third phase will cover training for the remaining 47 groups of the government employees followed by another round of learning and reflections.

The GF hopes that the learning from this orientation course will be included in further orientations for other employees and civil servants.