ActionAid Nepal (AAN)

AAN is implementing the People-led solution for better accountability practices (PELSAP) project in Rasuwa, Sindhupalchowk, Dolakha, Kavre and Kathmandu

Center for Dalit Women (CDWN)

Our new partner since December 2018, the CDWN is implementing the pilot project, ‘Capacity Building of Dalit Women Leaders,’  targeting newly elected Dalit women leaders, with a long-term vision to capacitate for strong decision-making and generating second-tier leaders for meaningful participation in national politics.

Centre for Legal Research and Resource Development (CeLRRd)

CeLRRd and its partner Human Rights and Community Development Academy Nepal (HUCODAN), Saptari, are implementing the Access to Justice for All (AJA) project in 13 districts.

Collaborative Action for Dignity (CAD)

CAD, Jumla and its partner Himali Rural Youth Social Development Centre (HIRYSDEC), Mugu are implementing the Reducing Chaupadi Practices and Gender Based Violence (RCPGBV) project in two districts.

Community Self-Reliance Centre (CSRC)

CSRC is implementing the Strengthening Economic and Social Rights for Dignified Life of Marginalized Farmers (ESR-MAFAR) in seven districts.

Development Communication Society (SODEC) Nepal

SODEC Nepal and its partners, Center for Media Freedom (CMF) and Nepal Center for Contemporary Research (NCCR), are implementing the Strengthening Citizen Engagement in Anti-Corruption Efforts (STREAC) project in five districts.

Holistic Development Service Centre (SAMAGRA)

SAMAGRA  is implementing the Empowering Marginalized People for Peace Building and Democratic Development (EMPED) project in 13 districts.

Human Rights Protection and Legal Service Centre (HRPLSC)

HRPLSC Rukum is implementing the Building Local Capacity to Promote Transitional Justice and Peace (Build‐TJP) project in seven districts.

Indreni Samaj Kendra (ISK)

ISK and its partner Innovative Community Development Centre (ICODEC), Gulmi are implementing the Promotion of Human Rights of Socially Excluded Groups (PROHSEG) project in three districts.

International Centre for Transitional Justice (ICTJ)

ICTJ is implementing the  project Promotion of and support to integrated, victim-oriented transitional justice processes in Nepal.

International Commission of Jurists (ICJ)

ICJ is implementing the project Protecting the Right to a Remedy and Reparation during the Transitional Period in Nepal.

International Institute of Democracy and Electoral Assistance (IIDEA)

International Institute of Democracy and Electoral Assistance (IIDEA)

International Legal Foundation (ILF)

ILF and its partners Public Defenders’ Society Nepal, Judges’ Society Nepal (JUS‐Nepal) and Nepal Bar Association (NBA) are implementing the Improving Access to Justice in Nepal by Strengthening the Right to Legal Aid (R2LegalAid) project in 12 districts.

Informal Sector Service Centre (INSEC)

INSEC is implementing the Promoting Accountability for Human Rights Friendly Environment (PAHRFE) project nationwide.

Jagaran Nepal (JN)

JN and its partners Nepal Women Entrepreneur Association (NWEA), Taplejung; Human Rights Consciousness and Development Centre (HUCODEC, Nepal), Panchthar; Human Rights Forum Nepal (HURF, Nepal), Ilam; and Rural and Urban Development Nepal (RUDN), Jhapa are implementing the Strengthening women’s participation especially from marginalized communities in local governance, decision making, elections and politics (SMARCO) project in six districts.

Karnali Integrated Rural Development and Research Center (KIRDARC)

KIRDARC and its partners Mid‐Western University/Department of Conflict and Peace Studies (MU/CAPS), Mission East (ME) and Women Welfare Service (WWS) are implementing the Building the Foundation of HRBA in Local Development Process for Promotion and Protection of Human Rights in Mid‐West Nepal (HRBA-LODEV) project in six districts.

Local Development Training Academy (LDTA)

LDTA signed an agreement with the GF on 1 August 2017 to implement “Training on Local governance Structure, Staffing, Adjustment and Terms of Reference of Personnel, Role, and Service Delivery in the Federal Structure,” project.

National Information Commission (NIC)

GF’s longstanding government partner the NIC is implementing the project, ‘Championing National Capacity for Right to Information in Nepal II (SUCHANA). Covering 33 districts, the project works with all the ministries, commissions and departments, and training institutes of the State.

Nepal Madhesh Foundation (NEMAF)

NEMAF is implementing the Strengthening Voice and Accountable Governance in the Mithila Belt of Madhesh/Terai (S-VAG) project in five districts.

Nepal Administrative Staff College (NASC)

NASC has been implementing three projects: 1/ National Survey on the Public Perceptions of Governance, 2/ Revamping of Professional Course for Class 3 Officers, and 3/ Competency Mapping of Civil Servants.


Nepal National Dalit Social Welfare Organisation (NNDSWO)

NNDSWO and its partners Jagaran Media Center (JMC), Madhesi Dalit Development Federation (MDDF), Rastriya Dalit Network (RDN) Nepal and SAMATA Foundation are implementing the Collective Voice for Human Rights and Dignity (AAWAZ) project nationwide.

Niti Foundation

Niti Foundation and its partners The Asia Foundation (TAF) and Independent Power Producers Association, Nepal (IPPAN) are the implementing Managing Resource‐Based Disputes for Peace Building and Economic Growth (MaRPEG) project.

People Forum for Human Rights

People Forum for Human Rights is implementing the Promotion of Access to Justice for Migrant Workers (PROMIGRAW) project in six districts.

Rural Women’s Development and Unity Centre (RUWDUC)

RUWDUC and its partners Institute for Governance and Development (IGD) and Pro Public ‐ Forum for Protection of Public Interest are implementing the Strengthening Access to Justice for Women and Marginalized Groups through Community Mediation (A2J-WOMCOM) project in 7 districts.

Sancharika Samuha (SAS)

SAS and its partners Institute of Human Rights Communication, Nepal (IHRICON) and Justice and Rights Institute (JuRI) are implementing the Awareness to Action: Enhancing Informed Access to Justice for Women and Girls (A2A-A2J) project in six districts.


Saathi and its partners Dalit Jankalyan Yuwa Club (DJKYC), Siraha; Mahila Sanskritik Utthan Kendra/Women Culture Development Center (WCDC), Mahottari; Social Institutions for Skill, Employment and Awareness (SISEA, Nepal), Dang; Conflict Victim and Single Women Development Centre (CVSWDC), Kanchanpur; and Participatory Effort at Children Education and Women Initiative Nepal (PEACEWIN), Bajura are implementing the Addressing Social‐barriers That Hamper Advancement of Women (ASTHA) project in 8 districts.

Social Justice and Human Rights(SJHR) Committee

The GF collaborated with the Social Justice and Human Rights(SJJR) Committee conducted a series of regional consultations on draft bills related to National Human Rights Institutions (National Dalit Commission, National Madhesi Commission, National Indigenous and Janajati Commission and National Inclusion Commission). These consultations were very fruitful to obtain stakeholder feedback and inputs on the provisions of bills in relation to their mandate, structure, staffing and working procedure. The discussions were in line with the Constitution of Nepal (2015) and international human rights standards including Paris Principles.

Sustainable and Equitable Development Academy (SEDA)

SEDA and its partners Women Welfare Service (WWS), Humla; Rural Development Nepal (RDN), Kalikot; Women and Destitute Castes Revoking Forum (WADCRF), Dolpa; and Reconstruction and Research Development Center (RRDC), Mugu are implementing the Breaking the Silence: Raising Voice for Good Governance and Change in Karnali Region (GGC-Karnali) project in five districts.

Terai Human Rights Defenders (THRD) Alliance

THRD Alliance is implementing the Strengthening Social Justice through Promotion of Human Rights in the Terai (HURIT) project in 18 districts.

The Asia Foundation (TAF)

TAF and its partner Community Mediators’ Society (CMS) is implementing the Advanced Technical Assistance to Improve GESI‐sensitive Community Mediation Policy and Practice in Nepal project in 12 districts.