“At the Governance Facility, we strongly believe in and promote ‘multi-partiality’. This implies listening to all voices, and in the case of Nepal, supporting all parties genuinely committed to inclusive peace, governance, and development. That is what makes our organisation very unique.”

Shalini Tripathi

Deputy Head of Programme

“The Governance Facility gives you the space to think and then act on difficult issues that are either easy to ignore or easier to address in the most traditional ways.”

John Tyynela

Senior Governance Adviser

“The GF is committed to learning the hard lessons, which – together with a wonderfully diverse team – makes it an exciting place to be”

Ajay Das

Senior Political Advisor

“I’m proud to be part of our multidimensional team at the GF where they bring in expertise from different walks of life and help to create a shared platform.”

Dhruba Adhikary

Information & Technology Officer

“GF has set an example by following its core values of dignity, equality and diversity, and its team composition is a very good example.”

Dinesh Prasad Pant

Senior Policy Advisor

“What appeals to me about the GF is its thoughtful and proactive engagements in the promotion of good governance in Nepal by collaborating with public institutions, civil society, and private sector.”

Dixita Silwal

Human Resources and Administration Manager

“I love being a part of the GF as it provides an avenue to challenge and be challenged in a healthy and encouraging work environment. It is a place which respects individuality and values diversity at the same time, and promotes cutting edge thinking to governance problems in Nepal.”

JB Biswokarma

Senior Research Officer

“I value the GF’s efforts in addressing governance challenges through robust knowledge production and meaningful dialogue.”

Kumari Thapa

Senior Finance & Compliance Officer

“The GF truly reflects diversity in its staff composition and provides a platform where employees can put across their views without fear in keeping with the true spirit of democracy.”

Loknath Sangroula


“The GF truly practices the principle of ‘dare to disagree’ in line with the true spirit of democracy allowing multiple views and opinions to be heard.”

Naresh Newar

Senior Media and Communications Officer

“Our team is indeed colourful like a beautiful garden flowered with diverse ethnic, religious, social, and economic backgrounds, and we truly practice social and gender equity in every initiative we take at the GF.”

Paramita Yonzon

Senior Programme & Partnership Officer

“Learning never stops at the Governance Facility. We value and promote local ideas for change.”

Prakash Jha

Senior Monitoring & Evaluation Officer

“What I liked most about the GF is its progressive thinking for inclusive democracy.”

Parmeshwor Amatya

Senior Finance and Compliance Officer

“The Governance Facility is a great organization to work with, where people are treated with dignity as individuals not numbers.”

Sabita Bista

Grants and Finance Manager

“I’m proud to work with such an incredible organization and a diverse team, who work tirelessly in addressing the governance challenges.”

Shradha Rayamajhi

Senior Programme & Partnership Officer

“What I like about working at the GF is its approach towards partnerships as opposed to a “donor” or a “funder” attitude. I love how the GF brings diversity to every aspect of its work, like in the choice of partners, geography and staff composition.”

Samir Ghimire

Senior Programme & Partnership Officer, Human Rights

“My strong passion and commitment to human rights and the desire to give voice and justice to the most marginalized and excluded communities of Nepal brought me to the Governance Facility.”

Subha Ghale

Senior Inclusion Officer

“I’m very glad to be a part of the GF because it is genuinely committed to promoting inclusion.”

Sushma Shrestha

Human Resource & Administrative Assistant

“At the GF, we have such a good team from various professional and ethnic backgrounds, and committed towards Nepal’s progressive path to rebuilding our new nation.”

Subhash Nepali

Policy, Strategy and Research Manager

“At the Governance Facility, I have a good opportunity to contribute towards ensuring people’s voices are heard in the policy arena.”

Tek Pokharel

Grants and Finance Officer

“I’m proud to be a part of the Governance Facility because of its focus on governance sector of Nepal at a time when the country is going through a progressive political transition. The GF is a significant initiative for the country to promote dignity of all her citizens.”