Creating a profile of elected women leaders

The Center for Dalit Women, with support from the Governance Facility, organized a one-day “Survey Design Consultation Workshop” on 26 November 2017.

CDWN is planning to conduct a nation-wide survey to assess the capacity of locally elected women leaders.

Gaura Nepali, President of CDWN, said that the main objective of the event was to gather feedback from participants on the draft survey questionnaire. The overall findings of the survey will be instrumental in creating a profile of elected women leaders, and designing a leadership program tailored to their situation. Therefore, ensuring the relevance and legitimacy of the survey is considered critical.

Elected Ward Member Sangita Pujari, Kathmandu Municipality. Photo by CDWN
Sita Pariyar was the first Dalit women LDO, and now working as chief administrative officer in CHandragiri Municipality. Photo by CDWN

The 48 participants of the workshop included a range of stakeholders – locally elected women, former CA members, lawyers, government officials, researchers from various research organisations, and CSO members. Of the total participants, 15 were men and 33 women. The participants were diverse in terms of gender, caste/ethnicity, region, and religion.

Sita Pariyar, Executive Officer of the Chandragiri Municipality, chaired the program, and provided constructive feedback on the parameters related to women’s capacity. Other commentators on the questionnaire included Dalit leader Bishwo Bhakta Dulal (Ahuti) and political economy analyst Seema Rajouria.


After the introductory session, the participants of the event were divided into eight groups according to the main sections of the questionnaire for feedback. The group-work was highly interactive and participatory, and it was informed by the real-life experiences and insights of elected Dalit women leaders and champions of women’s rights. Former Constituent Assembly member Anjana Bishankhe appreciated the effort made by CDWN and said that the initiative would contribute to advancing the rights of Dalits.

At the end of the event, Gaura Nepali thanked all the participants for providing their valuable feedback to refine the survey questionnaire.