GF-supported Election Observation completed for all three phases of Nepal’s local elections

DRCN election observer in Paterwa Sugauli, Parsa district, interviewing local community on their expectations from the elections as part of DRCN's long term observation. Photo courtesy: Chiran Manandhar/DRCN


The Governance Facility (GF) has supported long-term elections observation of all three phases of local elections in Nepal through its partner, the Democracy Resource Center Nepal (DRCN).

DRCN observed all three phases of the local elections, focusing on the long-term political, security, and technical aspects of the electoral process. DRCN’s observation of all three phases showed that people participated enthusiastically.

Despite the very short time for preparations and the constant changes in the electoral calendar, all three phases of the elections were conducted satisfactorily without major technical and security issues.

DRCN’s observation found however some serious concerns regarding the under-preparation of the electoral process and has consistently recommended that the Election Commission must be given adequate time and resources to plan and conduct the elections better.

A further key observation is that the success of these elections should be determined not only by the impressive turnouts, but also by the percentage of invalid votes, which the ECN has yet to make public for all phases.

The DRCN’s full report on the three phases of the elections will be available by mid-October.